Still Running

We’re almost 4 years old. This is something very big to us and we are very happy to tell you, it’s been a good run and we’re still in the game.

The Idea

The idea is to make a site you’ll enjoy coming to. It’s not where “the staff” lives, it’s where “you express yourself.” It’s not about us, it’s about you!
Our Pledge To You

From pen on paper to font on a screen, F.U. Industries will continue to move forward with new ideas and more to offer our fans and supporters.

We are in a new generation of ideas and Web 2.0 is what’s here now. We want you to have a small community that you can offer your knowledge, interactivity, and even ideas with!
Our goal is to make a fun place that isn’t crowded where people that share the dream that we can communicate freely, have fun, and create online can join us all.

You can play over 100 games in our arcade, for free.
You can watch our selves be smart and stupid on camera through our Vdeos section. You can even watch the ideas and creativity of this online world through the collections we have of Videos!

Do you love comics? We do! We also have those for you under the Gallery! Do you also love art? There’s plenty under the artwork section, too.

Want to talk to people, draw pictures, and even play some games online such as checkers? The Funboard is the place to go!

Downloads? Of course! Now our community can upload and download wallpapers, art, fonts, icons, and even programs!

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