The History of F.U. Industries

Origin Story

F.U. Industries was launched in 2004 by Kenneth, Steven, and Willie. It expanded from there to include many more friends as we progressed our way through middle school.

A Hero Emerges

In 2005, we launched our standalone website on Yahoo! Geocities. We had artwork and comics. They were what you expected from 8th graders. We later moved on to a handful of free hosts and later a paid host. We went through several domain names and site changes as the years went by until 2010.

Unlocking the Master Sword

With our original domain name purchased and linked to a full-fledge website and forum, we had launched a self-hosted community called The F.U. Forums. They were very active back then, averaging several hundred posts a day from 50+ members. It was the heyday of F.U. among our friends. The flash animated series Adventures of Steven and Kenneth launched, and we even had our own rap song.

The Hero is Defeated

Sadly, by April 2010 F.U. Industries and extended projects began to lose activity due to Facebook and other social media sites. Eventually it was abandoned and most of the content from those days became lost or erased.

Era of Darkness

Several attempts throughout the years were made will forums that were deserted and sites that were created but remained empty. All hope had been lost by the original members.


2015 rolled through and a new forum was created with the core members of the original sites. The site worked like a social media app and allowed instant posting and many great features. The idea lingered after the forum ultimately succumbed to lack of interest and the rest of the revival was put on hold.

2016 rolled through and this time it was going to be better! Or was it? F.U. Outpost was created and started as a video series that eventually turned into That’s F’D Up! which was later canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dawn of a New Day

Now in 2017 is a web comic series. We have an active Facebook group and social media pages, and tons of support from the original members. It feels like a new start versus the revival effort, and the nostalgia of the characters we made so long ago enhances our efforts to create content.